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Kn1ght Terms of Service for Animated Avatar Creation

1. Ownership of Animation Files

  • All animation files created through our service remain the property of Qrow Pte. Ltd. Users are granted a non-exclusive, non-transferable license to use the animations within the scope of our service.

2. Subscription Plan Requirements

  • Users must subscribe to our PRO Plan, available on a monthly or annual basis. Cancellation of the subscription will result in deletion of all associated animation files within one month of the cancellation date.

3. No Refunds Upon Service Termination

  • In the event of service discontinuation, Qrow Pte. Ltd. is not obligated to issue refunds or compensations for any unused portion of the service or for any content created during the term of service.

4. User Responsibilities for Image Rights

  • Users must own or have legal rights to all images submitted for animation. In cases where a third party claims copyright infringement, the user will bear full responsibility for any legal consequences.

5. Removal of Infringing Content

  • If any submitted images are found to be in violation of copyright or other intellectual property rights, Qrow Pte. Ltd. reserves the right to immediately remove the associated content without notice.

6. No Refunds After Payment for Animation Production

  • Once payment has been made for the creation of an animation, no refunds will be issued under any circumstances.

General Provisions

  • By using Kn1ght, users agree to these terms and acknowledge they have read and understood all the conditions outlined herein. Qrow Pte. Ltd. reserves the right to modify these terms at any time without prior notice.

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