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Instant AI avatar video generator 'Kn1ght' Now Available!

Updated: Jan 19

Simply type text, and short videos are instantly created. Your avatar speaks using AI-generated animation and voices.

Key features of Kn1ght include:

Rapid Video Generation: Unlike typical AI video generation tools taking 5-10 minutes, Kn1ght achieves this in just 2 seconds

Type text and short video created instantly with Kn1ght

Over 60 Customizable Avatars for Commercial Use: Users can finely tune avatars, including hair, clothes, and eyes, all available for commercial purposes.

over 60 customizable avatar in Kn1ght

Original Avatar Creation from Images: Users can convert character images into animated avatars (paid service), obtaining naturally moving avatars with ease.

Create original avatar from your image with Kn1ght

Innovative Voice Designing: Instead of just selecting, users can create voices, fine-tuning various types such as anime-style or narration-style.

Design your voice with Kn1ght voice designer

Use of Original Voice: By recording their voice for just 10 seconds, users can use it for their avatar, offering a personalized touch.

record your voice for 10 seconds to create original voice for Kn1ght

Multi-Language Support for Global Reach: Currently, it supports English, Spanish, French, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Thai, and Tagalog, with plans to add more languages.

support over 12 languages in Kn1ght

Emotion Expression with 12 Hand Gestures: Unlike typical AI videos, Kn1ght allows specifying emotions like 'heart,' 'cry,' 'triumph' for each sentence, enhanced by hand gestures for dynamic expression.

Support 12 emotion with hand gestures in Kn1ght

Free Basic Features with Unlimited Generation in PRO Plan: The app is free, with a PRO upgrade offering watermark removal, unlimited video generation, and increased cloud storage.

Availability on iOS: The iOS app is available for download, with Android and PC versions coming soon.

Download free app now!


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